If finding a chapel on an estate is rare, it's undoubtedly rarer that this chapel was built by the express wish of its owners. Mr. and Mrs. Amabili had their own chapel built to fulfil a wish nourished by their devotion. Their intention was to create a place where they could collect their thoughts in prayer and meditate urged by their faith, so they realized that a chapel was what they needed to make them happier.
The 'chiesetta' as they call it, was consecrated by His Excellency Cardinal Pietro Palazzini on 29th August, 1985.
The building in red brick is immersed in a splendid garden. The pine trees, the flowers and the berry bushes surrounding it seem to protect it.
More beautiful still is the inside where there are many statues of saints: San Francesco, Sant'Antonio da Padova, Sant'Antonio Abate, San Michele Arcangelo, Madonna di Lourdes, San Giacomo the traveller, San Giacomo della Marca who was born in Monteprandone just very near this small church, and who settled the disputes that for a very long time had troubled Monteprandone and Acquaviva Picena.
In the chapel we also find an impressive life size crucifix and, in the middle, the statue of Santa Maria delle Grazie the chapel is devoted to. Round this statue you can admire a sculpture representing the five Joyful Mysteries.
All these wooden statues were commissioned to Pancheri di Ortisei, a famous sculptor. Only the statue of San Pio da Pietralcina is in bronze. This statue was brought here from San Giovanni Rotondo where it was consecrated on 9th November, 2001.


In 1987, two years after the installation of a set of eight bells in the Estate Chapel, Mr and Mrs Amabili decided to donate a bell to the Patriarcato Latino di Gerusalemme Co-Cathedral.
The names of the members of the family : Benito, Antonietta, his wife, Giacomo, their son, Maria Angela, their daughter, and the year of the donation are engraved on the bell.
The bell now is in the Co-Cathedral near the Cathedral inside which 'The Sacred House' can be visited.
In the photos an image of the bell and the letter of thanks from Jerusalem Latin Patriarch His excellency Giacomo Giuseppe Beltritti.


And now let's say something about antiques. According to Mr Amabili "everyting older than twenty years, is worth being collected".
Well, at Tenuta Colle del Giglio we can find vintage cars, aeroplanes, bikes to tractors, roaring Guzzis and the quieter Lambrettas, Vespa and steam-engines, sawing machines, hats, telephones, scales, and� skis, irons, radios, musical instruments�The list could go on indefinitely.
Mr Amabili has been fond of cars and antiques since he was a child. He has travelled all over Italy in search of interesting, unique, exclusive objects that could enrich his collection. He started with a car and then motorbikes, bikes and rarer and rarer things.
Who knows �in a few years' time, Mr Amabili may realize his dream: a museum!


A 1905 French car that Mr Amabili bought from a collector in Luino (Varese) in 1987. Characteristics: starting car ignition and one cylinder motor (de Dion moyor).

Art of Wine Making books

Very rich collection of oenology handbooks and magazines bought on street markets more than twenty years ago. Some of them date back to 1870, 1880, 1887 such as 'Annuali di Agricoltura' and others down to the first half of 1900. Among the magazines ' Giornale Vinicolo Italiano' and 'L'Italia Vinicola ed Agraria'.

The Steam engine

An interesting piece of Amabili's collection is a steam-engine. It dates back to 1918 and was bought about 15 years ago from a scrap dealer here in the Marches. The engine made the threshing machine run and was used by the farmers on large landed estates. Now it attracts the visitors' curiosity in the estate's garden. However it is not the only specimen of the kind. There is another one which makes a fine show with numerous old tractors.

The Winepress

The wine press, dating back to the early 17th century, can be admired just outside the winery. The press, made of wood and marble, is one of the many period tools linked not only to viniculture but to agriculture in general.

The Jukebox

This is one of the most distinctive pieces of the collection. We call it jukebox, but the correct name is ���. It was made in Scandinavia in the early 1900s. It is an automatic-mechanical instrument whose synchronized movement can reproduce several types of melodies through the 'mini-instruments' in the inside. This rare object was bought in Germany in the 90s by the suggestion of an Italian friend married to a German lady.
Visiona il filmato.


These private aeroplanes have been in Amabili's collection for 18 years and can be admired on the estate. These planes which can carry respectively four and six passengers come from the 'Eternal City' airport and, though they are still airworthy, were disassembled and then carried by truck to Tenuta Colle del Giglio where they were re-assembled.