"Somebody could speak of company's philosophy, mission, but I prefer to use simpler words which are better suited to me and the company: passion and willpower.
Passion, the key to everything. Only if you love the things you do and believe in what you do and push relentlessly you will succeed ; and if you can transmit your passion, your strong enthusiasm, then happiness is at hand. However, passion is not enough if it is not supported by a good deal of willpower as only willpower and determination can make a dream come true"
Amabili's strong passion for land and the desire to produce his own wine grew too strong. A warm heart went into the making of a first class product and... Tenuta Colle del Giglio is now a reality !
Obstinate quality research, innovation in tradition, elegance and exclusiveness are the motto of Tenuta Colle del Giglio. Its products are evidence of this!