Benito Amabili started his experience as an entrepreneur in a completely different field. He is not merely 'one of the many' who have decided to switch to wine making; he is a self made man who has successfully devoted all his efforts, intelligence and one-upmanship to the achievement of his objectives.
Formerly a businessman in fashion and haute couture, he developed the instinctive vision and quickness of action needed to understand and interpret the market trends and seize the right moment for meeting the customers' requirements.
And the ability to seize the right moment is exactly what you need to pick the perfect grapes at the right time� and make great wine!

As the saying goes: 'behind a great man there's always a great woman'.
Antonietta Bisonni, Mr.Amabili's wife, has always been by her husband's side, being of invaluable support and participating in every important decision making.
She collaborated in the construction of Tenuta Colle del Giglio and currently plays an active role in the management of the business taking care of the relationship with both external and internal collaborators.

Dott.ssa MARIA ANGELA AMABILI (Responsabile Marketing)
Maria Angela, Mr. and Mrs.'s Amabili's daughter, graduated in Business Marketing and Communication at 'Carlo Bo' University in Urbino and is currently in charge of the company's marketing. She very modestly defines herself as her father's secretary as she has always helped him with his work, also in his previous business.
She undoubtedly takes after her father with whom she shares not only her love for the land and for wine, but also her passions, i.e. antiques, period furniture, and a big dream�: setting up a museum.
Curiosity seems to be her strongest characteristic!

Prof. Dott. LEONARDO VALENTI (Cons. Agronomo ed Enologo)
Prof. Valenti has a degree in agriculture, he is an oenologist and a councillor of the Oenologists' Association. He is a qualified university teacher at 'Università degli Studi' of Milan and a teacher of viticulture and Knowledge of the wine growing and producing system of the University Viticulture and Oenology Diploma of Milan.
He is responsible for research projects concerning vines such as: Montepulciano, Verdicchio, Sagrantino, Nero, d'Avola, Primitivo, Aglianico, Sangiovese, Nebbiolo, etc.
Prof. Valenti also collaborates with various companies in Italy and has carried out one hundred experimental studies which have been published in journals both in Italy and abroad.
He has been with Tenuta Colle del Giglio since 2000.